Thursday, March 13, 2014

Using a Celebrate Recovery Step Study to heal

Last night was my Celebrate Recovery (CR) Women's Step Study group. This is my third time going through a CR step study and it certainly won't be the last in my lifetime.

Last night we finished up Lesson 6, which marks the end of the first book. Three more books to go. We're looking at probably a year to complete this study. Yep, I said a year.

Does it take a year because I'm so messed up? Because the study is laborious and boring? Not at all. This step study is . . . very deep. Personal. All about you and God. There are no wrong answers. There are no tests or quizzes.

This study is about learning what God thinks about me, what He wants for me, the TRUTH about His love for me, and how to deal with those lies and untruths that  I've either been told or have believed.

If you haven't heard of Celebrate Recovery, I urge you to check it out. A common misconception is that it is just for drug addicts and alcoholics. While it IS for them, it is ALSO for anyone with a "hurt, habit, or hang-up." That's me! I attend for my codependency, control issues, enabling behaviors, anger, unforgiveness, and an unhealthy relationship with food. The list could go on and on. Basically, if your name isn't Jesus of Nazareth, this program is for you. :)

I absolutely adore the women in my step study. On the surface, we're all different. Different ages, sizes, shapes, hair colors, marital statuses, family situations, occupations, favorite colors, you name it! But what we're learning is that at the core, we're far more alike than we're different. We all hurt, have believed lies, have hurt other people, have behaviors that we'd like to change, have people to forgive, have forgiveness that we need to seek, etc...

Our most important likeness is that we're all God's children. Loved. Cherished. Beautiful.

As women, we don't hear that about ourselves enough - at least, not in the right way. And we probably don't hear it from other women. There is something rare and beautiful about women supporting other women and not competing with each other. And women turning to Christ for guidance, healing, and growth.

Does this type of study sound appealing to you? Check out your local Celebrate Recovery meeting and ask if they have a women's step study coming up. Then show up! I promise that you won't be disappointed in the journey OR the result.